02|14|15 ♥ Lover's Day ♥

Happy Valentine's Day, Dolls!

We didn't do much for Lover's Day this year, and it was freezing cold, but we shared a few outfit snaps on our blog.

02|12|15 ♥ Valentimez! ♥

Hello, Dolls! Valentine's Day is kinda our patron holiday, as it celebrates things sweet and lovely, and in the spirit of it, we made you some Valentines! Feel free to pass them along online, or print them to give to your special someone!

Click the links below the images for different sizes.






11|15|14 ♥ Store OPEN ♥

And here we finally have it--our store has re-opened!!

We would firstly like to thank all of you lovelies for your patience with us over the past several months. To show our appreciation, we're running a re-opening sale on our Etsy Shop!

♥ what: 20% OFF entire purchase
♥ when: November 15 - December 15
♥ coupon code: itsabouttime2014

In the shop you'll find items from our two newest collections, «Cherry Tart» and «Morimimi», as well as some returning looks. You'll also find some older holiday items that we're looking to clear away, so please also check out the Christmas and Winter Sale Items and supermegadiscount Halloween CLEARANCE, where you can enjoy $1.00 base shipping and *free combined shipping*.

We hope you enjoy browsing around, and we look forward to bringing you more updates soon! ♥

10|31|14 ♥ Happy Halloween ♥

♥ click for larger ♥

Aaaand we're back! This time we really mean it! We've been working our butts off lately to bring you some actual updates. This time it really will be soon ♥

09|29|14 ♥ AWA 2014 ♥

[click for larger]

We just got back from another fun Anime Weekend Atlanta.

We're exhausted, but it was energy well spent. Let's see if we have some actual updates in store soon...

Ta-ta for now! ~ ♥